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Greetings to Araria, a city situated in the Indian state of Bihar, celebrated for its abundant cultural legacy and historical eminence.

Araria official website araria nic in

In an era profoundly influenced by technology, the imperative for municipalities such as Araria to establish a robust online presence has grown significantly.

In this digital age, having an official website is a gateway to information and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. 

This article will explore the Araria Official Website (, specifically focusing on its recruitment section. 

Whether you are seeking employment or curious about the job market in Araria, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary details and resources on the website’s recruitment page.

What are the job vacancies available from Araria NIC?

Are you on the lookout for exciting job opportunities in the Araria district? The Araria National Informatics Centre (NIC) currently offers various vacancies across various fields. 

Whether you’re an experienced professional in pursuit of fresh challenges or a recent graduate poised to begin your career journey, Araria NIC offers opportunities tailored for individuals at every stage.

1) Guest Teachers: Are you passionate about education and eager to positively impact young minds? 

As a Guest Teacher, you can share your knowledge and expertise with students, fostering a conducive learning environment.

2) Technical Manager: If you possess a strong background in technology and management, the Technical Manager role may be perfect for you. 

This position offers a chance to lead and coordinate technology projects, contributing to the digital transformation of Araria.

3) ATM & BTM Posts: Araria NIC is also seeking skilled individuals for ATM (Assistant Technical Manager) and BTM (Block Technical Manager) positions. 

These roles involve overseeing the implementation and maintenance of technical projects at the grassroots level, ensuring technological advancements reach every corner of the district.

4) Kisan Salahakar: For those with a deep understanding of agriculture and a desire to empower farmers, the Kisan Salahakar role allows you to provide valuable guidance and support to the agricultural community, helping them maximise their yields and livelihoods.

5) Home Guard Officer & Home Guard: If you are committed to serving your community and ensuring public safety, the Home Guard Officer and Home Guard positions present an excellent opportunity to make a difference in times of need.

6) Rajasav Karamchari & Tax Collector: Araria NIC seeks dedicated individuals to manage revenue and taxation matters. As a Rajasav Karamchari or Tax Collector, you will play a vital role in the district’s financial administration, contributing to its growth and development.

7) LDC (Lower Division Clerk): Attention to detail and organisational skills are highly sought-after for the LDC position. As an LDC, you will assist in administrative tasks, supporting the smooth functioning of various departments.

8) Teacher & Physical Education and Health Instructor: Education is the foundation of any society, and Araria NIC is looking for passionate individuals to fill teaching and Physical Education roles. 

As a Teacher or Physical Education and Health Instructor, you will shape the minds and bodies of the youth, imparting knowledge and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Araria NIC fosters a work environment that encourages diversity, innovation, and professional growth. 

So, if you are ready to take the next step in your career and contribute to the progress of the Araria district, these job vacancies are your gateway to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Please take advantage of these exciting opportunities and join Araria NIC in its mission to build a more prosperous community. Take your chance to be part of this transformative journey!

Explore Araria Like Never Before: Welcome to Araria NIC’s Official Website

Araria, a district in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, is a land steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. As this vibrant region’s administrative hub, Araria has entered the digital age with its official website – Araria NIC (National Informatics Centre).

Araria NIC’s official website,, is a virtual gateway that opens up a world of information, services, and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the website offers a seamless experience, allowing users to access essential resources and stay updated with the latest developments in the district.

Discover Araria

The website is an all-encompassing platform for anyone interested in exploring the district’s diverse facets. From the rich history and heritage to the natural wonders and vibrant festivals, visitors can take a virtual tour of Araria’s hidden gems. 

Engaging articles, captivating images, and informative videos provide an immersive experience, making you feel as if you are personally strolling through the enchanting landscapes and bustling markets of Araria.

Stay Informed

Araria NIC is committed to keeping its residents informed and connected. The website is a reliable source for the district administration’s latest news, announcements, and circulars. 

Whether it’s updates on local governance, health initiatives, education programs, or community events, Araria NIC ensures that citizens are well-informed and empowered to participate in the district’s progress.

Empowering Services

One of the highlights of the Araria NIC website is the array of citizen-centric services it offers. Users can access essential government forms, apply for certificates, and avail themselves of various e-services from the comfort of their homes. 

This digital transformation streamlines administrative processes, saving time and effort for both citizens and government officials.

Opportunities for Growth

For those seeking employment or business opportunities in Araria, the website provides a dedicated section for job vacancies, tenders, and business-related information. 

Araria NIC acts as a bridge, connecting job seekers, entrepreneurs, and investors with the district’s potential and possibilities.

Contact and Connect

Araria NIC facilitates effective communication between citizens and the district administration. The website offers contact details for key officials and departments, enabling individuals to address their queries and concerns. 

Additionally, users can subscribe to newsletters and social media channels to receive timely updates and engage in discussions.

A Vision of Progress

Araria NIC’s official website embodies the district’s progress, transparency, and inclusivity vision. It symbolises the amalgamation of ancient heritage and modern technology, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among the people of Araria.

As the world rapidly moves towards digital platforms, Araria NIC’s official website stands as a shining example of how technology can bridge gaps and create opportunities for growth and development. 

Whether you are a resident, a tourist, or a curious explorer, aria. Nic. Beckons you to delve into the heart of Araria and experience its unique charm like never before.

All About Araria NIC.IN

Araria NIC. What can you find on these websites? For your convenience, I have prepared the entire website below for you:

1. About District: Provides a brief overview of Araria district, its location, and critical features.

2. District Profile: Presents detailed information about Araria’s demographics, economy, and essential statistics.

3. History: Explores the historical background and significant events that shaped the district.

4. Who’s Who: A list of essential personalities holding critical positions in Araria’s administration.

5. Map of District: Offers a visual representation of Araria’s geographical layout.

6. Organisation Chart: Illustrates the hierarchical structure of the district’s administrative bodies.

7. Administrative Setup: Details the administrative divisions and their functions.

8. Collectorate: Information about the central administrative office responsible for revenue and public services.

9. D.M. Successor List: Lists the previous District Magistrates and their successors.

10. S.P. Successor List: Lists the previous Superintendents of Police and their successors.

11. Tehsil: Details about the revenue divisions within the district.

12. Subdivision & Blocks: Information about administrative subdivisions and their constituent blocks.

13. Village & Panchayats: Lists the villages and panchayats within the district.

14. Police Stations: Provides a directory of police stations serving various areas in Araria.

15. Courts: Information about the judicial establishments and their functions.

16. Constituencies: Lists the electoral constituencies within the district.

17. Demography: Presents statistical data related to the population and demographics of Araria.

18. Economy: Information about the district’s economic activities and growth.

19. Directory: A comprehensive list of contact information for various offices and officials.

20. Contact Directory: Specific details for government departments and services.

21. Disaster Management: Information on disaster preparedness and response mechanisms.

22. Helpline: Emergency contact numbers for immediate assistance.

23. STD & PIN Codes: Area and postal identification numbers for different localities.

24. Public Utilities: Information on essential public services like water, sanitation, etc.

25. Bank: Details about banking services available in the district.

26. College/University: Information about educational institutions in Araria.

27. Electricity: Details about the electricity supply and distribution in the district.

28. Hospital: Information on healthcare facilities and hospitals in Araria.

29. Municipality: Details about local governance and municipality services.

30. Postal: Information about postal services and post offices in the district.

31. NGO: Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Araria.

32. School: Information on schools and educational institutions in the district.

33. Press Representative: Contact information for media representatives.

34. Departments: Information about various government departments and their functions.

35. Health: Details about healthcare-related departments and services.

36. Education: Information on educational departments and initiatives.

37. Animal Husbandry: Details about livestock and animal care services.

38. DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Information about disaster management initiatives and measures.

39. Revenue: Details about revenue-related departments and services.

40. Tourism: Information on tourist attractions and services in Araria.

41. How to Reach: Guidance on reaching Araria from different locations.

42. Culture & Heritage: Details about the cultural and heritage aspects of the district.

43. Accommodation (Hotel/Resort/Dharamsala): Information on lodging options for visitors.

44. Tourist Places: Highlights popular tourist destinations in Araria.

45. Documents: Access to essential documents and records.

46. Court Cases of D.M.: Information about ongoing court cases involving the District Magistrate.

47. D.M. Court Cause List: A schedule of court cases to be heard by the District Magistrate.

48. ADM Court Cause List and Court Order: Court proceedings schedule involving the Additional District Magistrate.

49. Meeting Proceedings: Records of official meetings and proceedings.

50. Office Order: Official orders and directives from authorities.

51. Census: Data related to the population census in Araria.

52. Notification: Official notifications and announcements.

53. Plan Report: Reports on development plans and initiatives.

54. Forms: Access to various government forms for different purposes.

55. Notices: Public notices and information.

56. D.M. Tour Program: District Magistrate’s scheduled tours and visits.

57. Events: Information on district events and celebrations.

58. Recruitment: Details about job openings and recruitment processes.

59. Tenders: Information on government tenders and contracts.

60. ELECTION: Updates and information related to elections.

61. Candidate Affidavits Assembly Election: Affidavits of candidates running for assembly elections.

62. SVEEP: Details about Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Initiatives.

63. Citizen Services: Services offered to citizens by the district administration.

64. Schemes: Government schemes and welfare programs.

65. Media Gallery: A collection of media files related to Araria.

66. Photo Gallery: A collection of photographs showcasing Araria’s beauty and events.

67. Video Gallery: A collection of videos highlighting various aspects of Araria.

68. RTI: Information related to the Right to Information Act.

69. District Administration(RTI): RTI information specific to the district administration.

70. Police Administration(RTI): RTI information specific to the police administration.

71. iRAD – Integrated Road Accident Database: Database for road accident-related information.

72. Candidate’s Day-to-Day Account Register: Account register of candidates during elections.

73. DOWNLOADS: Access to downloadable files and resources.

Conclusion Points 

In conclusion, the Araria Official Website ( is a valuable resource for those seeking information about recruitment opportunities in Araria. 

It provides detailed information about job vacancies, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. The user-friendly interface makes navigating the website accessible and finding relevant information quickly. 

By regularly checking the website for updates, individuals can stay informed about new job openings and take advantage of potential employment opportunities. 

Whether you are a resident or an outsider looking to work in Araria, visiting should be your first step towards securing a promising career in this region. 

Don’t hesitate to visit the Araria Official Website today and take advantage of the numerous recruitment opportunities!


Question: What is the Araria Official Website?

Answer: The Araria Official Website is the official online platform for the district of Araria, where you can find all relevant information about the district’s administration and services.

Question: How can I access the Araria Official Website?

Answer: To access the Araria Official Website, visit Araria. Nic. Search for Araria nic and click the official website link on your web browser.

Question: What is the purpose of Araria Nic in the Recruitment section?

Answer: The Araria nic in the Recruitment section provides information about job vacancies and recruitment opportunities within various government departments and organisations in the Araria district.

Question: How often is the Araria nic in the Recruitment section updated?

Answer: The Araria nic in the Recruitment section is regularly updated per new job openings and recruitment processes, ensuring you have access to the latest opportunities.

Question: Can I apply for jobs through the Araria Official Website?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for jobs through the Araria Official Website by following the instructions mentioned in each job vacancy post within the Recruitment section.

Question: Are there any specific eligibility criteria for jobs listed on Araria nic in Recruitment?

Answer: Yes, each job listing within the Araria nic in the Recruitment section specifies its eligibility criteria, such as educational qualifications, age limits, experience requirements, etc.

Question: Is there an application fee for applying to jobs through the Araria Official Website?

Answer: The application fee (if any) for each job vacancy listed on the Araria Official Website will be mentioned in its respective advertisement or notification.

Question: Where can I find contact details or further assistance regarding recruitment queries?

Answer: For any additional assistance or recruitment-related queries, post on Arara. Nic. You can refer to their Contact Us page or contact their designated contact person in job advertisements.

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