DTDC Forbesganj: Fast and Secure Courier Solutions

Have you ever questioned how your online purchases materialise at your door in a matter of days? A network of committed specialists who work diligently day and night to make it happen is responsible for this technological marvel. Enter DTDC Forbesganj, the unstoppable force in quick and secure courier services.

DTDC Forbesganj

They have established a reputation for dependability in the logistics industry because of their cutting-edge technology, first-rate facilities, and crew with a limitless zeal for providing effective delivery services.

You may feel certain that DTDC Forbesganj will make sure it reaches its intended recipient quickly and securely, whether you’re anxiously anticipating that long-awaited delivery or shipping vital documents across borders.

All About DTDC Forbesganj

DTDC Forbesganj is a prominent courier and logistics company that commenced its operations in 1990. It holds the distinction of being the first express logistics company in India to implement a network of entrepreneurs known as Channel Partners. These Channel Partners operate DTDC-branded Customer Access Points, which play a crucial role in building relationships, generating business, and providing services to customers.

Over the years, DTDC has transformed from a home-grown courier and parcel company into a widely recognised express logistics player. It offers an extensive range of integrated delivery solutions catering to both retail customers and businesses. These solutions encompass traditional pickup and delivery services, as well as integrated warehousing and order fulfilment services, allowing customers to optimise for time sensitivity and cost-effectiveness.

DTDC boasts a vast network of over 14,000 physical customer access points that serve more than 14,000 pin codes across India. This extensive reach enables DTDC to cover approximately 96% of India’s population. Additionally, DTDC extends its shipping services internationally to more than 220 destinations worldwide through strategic partnerships with global delivery partners.

In 2013, DTDC entered into a strategic partnership with GeoPost, the express logistics arm of Le Group La Poste (La Poste), a renowned French state-owned global multi-business services group with a rich legacy of over 600 years.

GeoPost specialises in express road transport parcel delivery and has a strong international presence, operating under its name in 48 countries outside France.

Leveraging the experience and business relationships of its Promoters, DTDC has expanded its offerings beyond domestic services to establish a global presence. This strategic positioning allows DTDC to offer international cross-border services in key markets, making it a comprehensive and reliable partner for courier and logistics needs.

Comprehensive Courier Services at DTDC Forbesganj

DTDC Forbesganj offers comprehensive courier services to cater to a wide range of customer needs. Here are some key highlights of the services provided by DTDC Forbesganj:

Express Parcels Vertical: DTDC’s Express Parcels Vertical offers a variety of domestic products and services. These services are designed to meet the requirements of both individual customers (C2C) and businesses (B2B) for sending documents and parcels of all sizes, including part-truck-load shipments.

The product offerings range from time-sensitive express services to cost-effective ground express solutions. DTDC’s extensive delivery network covers approximately 96% of India’s population, making it convenient to send shipments to almost anywhere in India.

International Shipping: DTDC offers shipping services to over 220 destinations globally by leveraging partnerships with international delivery partners and its own offices in major commerce centres worldwide. These international shipping solutions are available to both individuals and businesses, providing options for time-sensitive deliveries that prioritise speed as well as cost-effective deliveries that balance speed and cost.

Integrated E-commerce Logistics: DTDC provides end-to-end logistics solutions tailored specifically for e-commerce companies. This service is designed to offer quick and reliable logistics support, helping e-commerce businesses gain a competitive edge. DTDC handles the entire order lifecycle, from pickup and delivery to fulfilment, utilising technology to optimise delivery processes and provide customers with fast and cost-effective deliveries.

DTDC serves a wide range of industries, offering tailored logistics solutions to meet their unique requirements:

Automobile Industry: DTDC is a trusted logistics partner for leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The company’s extensive delivery network, including Tier 2 and 3 cities, enables the timely and cost-effective transportation of spare parts, accessories, and more.

Pharmaceutical Industry: DTDC provides temperature-controlled shipments for pharmaceutical companies, ensuring the safe transport of critical items such as medicines and vaccines. IoT-enabled solutions allow real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments’ temperature, humidity, and shock impact.

Fashion Industry: DTDC offers end-to-end logistics solutions to premium fashion brands, including direct-to-store, warehouse-to-warehouse/fulfilment centres, and multi-brand outlets (MBO) delivery and returns services.

Consumer Durables and Electronics: DTDC serves as a third-party logistics provider to retailers and e-commerce merchants, including leading consumer electronics companies. The company’s network of automated hubs, warehouses, and fulfilment centres enables the quick delivery of electronic devices and consumer durables.

Banking and Financial Services: DTDC plays a crucial role in the BFSI sector by facilitating the secure delivery of items such as debit/credit cards, PINs, and account statements to customers. The company’s extensive pan-India presence enhances accessibility and adheres to industry standards, including secure KYC-enabled delivery solutions.

IT Industry: DTDC supports IT organisations by delivering work-from-home devices, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, to employees’ residences. The company offers quick day-definite deliveries, reverse delivery services, and special packaging to ensure the safe transport of electronic devices.

The Ultimate Guide to DTDC Courier Services in Forbesganj

Here’s an ultimate guide to DTDC Courier Services in Forbesganj, covering various aspects, including Conditions of Carriage, Pincode Serviceability, Risk Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge, Volumetric Weight, Restricted and Banned Items, KYC (Know Your Customer), International paperwork, T&C (Terms and Conditions) Digital CN (Consignment Note), and GST (Goods and Services Tax):

Conditions of Carriage:

DTDC follows specific conditions of carriage for the shipment of goods. These conditions outline the responsibilities and liabilities of both the sender (shipper) and the courier service provider. It covers aspects such as packaging requirements, liability for loss or damage, and claims procedures. Customers are advised to review and adhere to these conditions when sending shipments through DTDC.

Pincode Serviceability:

DTDC provides courier services to a vast network of pin codes in India. Customers can check the serviceability of their specific PIN code to determine if DTDC offers pickup and delivery services in that area. Serviceability can vary by location, and DTDC maintains an updated list of serviceable pin codes for reference.

Risk Surcharge:

In certain cases, DTDC may apply a risk surcharge to shipments that involve higher risk factors, such as valuable or fragile items. This surcharge is intended to cover the additional insurance or handling costs associated with such shipments.

Fuel Surcharge:

DTDC, like many courier companies, may apply a fuel surcharge to shipping rates. This surcharge helps offset the impact of fluctuating fuel prices on operational costs. The amount of the fuel surcharge may vary and is typically linked to prevailing fuel price indices.

Volumetric Weight:

Volumetric weight is a method used to calculate shipping costs for lightweight, bulky items. It considers both the actual weight and the size (volume) of the shipment. Customers should be aware of how volumetric weight may affect their shipping charges, especially when shipping large but lightweight items.

Restricted and Banned Items:

DTDC has a list of restricted and banned items that cannot be shipped through their courier services. These items may include dangerous goods, perishable items, and other prohibited items that pose risks during transportation. Customers should review this list to ensure compliance.

KYC (Know Your Customer):

For certain shipments, especially those involving high-value goods or international shipping, DTDC may require customers to undergo a KYC process. This process involves verifying the identity and address of the sender to ensure compliance with legal and security requirements.

International Paperwork:

When sending shipments internationally, customers must complete specific international paperwork, including customs declarations and invoices. These documents are essential for customs clearance in the destination country. DTDC provides guidance and support for completing the required international paperwork.

T&C Digital CN (Terms and Conditions Digital Consignment Note):

The T&C Digital CN includes the terms and conditions governing the use of DTDC’s courier services. Customers should review and accept these terms when using DTDC’s services. The digital consignment note is an electronic record of the shipment’s details and serves as proof of the agreement between the sender and DTDC.

GST (Goods and Services Tax):

GST is a taxation imposed on the provision of goods and services within India. It applies to courier services, and DTDC includes GST in its shipping charges where applicable. Customers should be aware of the GST rates and how they affect the total cost of their shipments.

Customers need to familiarise themselves with these aspects of DTDC’s courier services to ensure a smooth and compliant shipping experience. Specific details may vary, so customers are encouraged to contact DTDC directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information and guidance.

Booking Parcels with DTDC Forbesganj: A Comprehensive Guide

Booking parcels with DTDC Forbesganj is a straightforward process that can be done both online and offline. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to book parcels with DTDC:

Online Booking:

Visit the DTDC Official Website:

Go to the official website of DTDC, which is www.dtdc.in.


If you are a new user, you will need to register on the website by providing your details. If you are an existing user, log in with your credentials.

Select the Parcel Booking Option:

Once logged in, select the option for parcel booking. You will be directed to a page where you can enter the shipment details.

Enter Shipment Details:

Fill in the required information for your parcel, including the sender’s and recipient’s details, package dimensions, weight, and any special instructions.

Choose Service Type:

DTDC offers various service types, such as express delivery or economy service. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Select Additional Services:

Depending on your requirements, you may have options for additional services like insurance or tracking. Select any additional services you need.

Generate Shipping Label:

After providing all the necessary information, the system will generate a shipping label or consignment note (CN). This label contains a unique barcode and tracking number.

Make Payment:

Pay for the shipment online using various payment options such as credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets.

Schedule Pickup:

Once the payment is confirmed, you can schedule a pickup of your parcel from your location. DTDC’s courier agent will pick up the parcel at the agreed time.

Track Shipment:

You can track the status of your shipment online using the provided tracking number. DTDC’s tracking system allows you to monitor the parcel’s journey until it reaches its destination.

Offline Booking:

Visit a DTDC Office:

Locate the nearest DTDC courier office or service centre in Forbesganj. You can find the address and contact details on the official DTDC website.

Prepare Your Parcel:

Ensure that your parcel is securely packed and labelled with the recipient’s address and contact information.

Visit the Office:

Visit the chosen DTDC office during their operating hours.

Complete Shipment Form:

At the office, you will be provided with a shipment form. Fill out the form with all the required details, including sender and recipient information, package details, and service preferences.

Choose Service Type:

Inform the DTDC staff about your preferred service type, such as express or economy.

Add Optional Services:

If you require any additional services like insurance or special handling, discuss them with the staff.

Pay for Shipment:

Pay the shipping charges at the DTDC office. They accept various payment methods, including cash and card payments.

Receive Consignment Note:

After payment, you will receive a consignment note (CN) as proof of booking. This CN contains a unique barcode and tracking number.

Schedule Pickup or Drop-off:

Depending on your preference, you can either request a pickup from your location or drop off the parcel at the DTDC office.

Track Shipment:

Use the tracking number provided on the consignment note to monitor the shipment’s status online.

Whether you choose to book your parcel online or offline, DTDC provides reliable parcel delivery services with options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Always ensure that your parcel is properly packaged and labelled to prevent any damage during transit.

DTDC Forbesganj: Contact Details

If you need to contact DTDC Forbesganj for inquiries, assistance, or parcel tracking, here are the contact details and information you can use:

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +91 – 9606 911 811
  • Email: customersupport@dtdc.com

Customer Service Details:

  • Customer service is available in English, Hindi, and regional languages.
  • Customer service business hours are from 09.30 AM IST to 06.00 PM IST, Monday to Saturday.
  • Standard call charges will be applicable for phone inquiries.

For Parcel Tracking:

  • To track your consignment, you can visit the DTDC website and enter up to 25 DTDC tracking numbers separated by commas. This will allow you to monitor the status and location of your parcels.

DTDC Forbesganj Address:

  • Lee Academy High School, DHARAMSHALA CHOWK, FORBESGANJ, ARARIA, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Website:www.dtdc.in
  • Google Bussiness Location; Forbesganj

Operating Hours:

  • The office opens and operates during business hours and typically closes at 7:00 PM.

Phone Number for Local Contact:

  • If you need to contact DTDC Forbesganj directly, you can also reach them at the following phone number: 073057 70577.
  • Feel free to use these contact details to get in touch with DTDC Forbesganj for any courier-related inquiries, assistance, or parcel-tracking needs.

Conclusion Points

In conclusion, DTDC Forbesganj provides quick and secure courier services that are adapted to the requirements of residents and companies. They make sure that products are delivered on schedule and in top condition because of their extensive network, cutting-edge technology, and committed personnel.

Their dependable tracking system and helpful customer support staff demonstrate their dedication to achieving client satisfaction. When it comes to quick and safe courier services, DTDC Forbesganj is the go-to option whether you need to transport items locally or across international borders. Try out their excellent service right away and relax, knowing that your items are in good hands.


1. How do I find out where my DTDC package is?

Answer: It’s easy to track a DTDC package. Just go to the official DTDC website and put your tracking number where it says to.

2. How long does it take for goods within India to arrive?

Answer: The time it takes to send packages within India depends on where they are going. But DTDC tries to get packages to their destinations in 2–5 working days.

3. Can I use DTDC Forbesganj to send packages to another country?

Answer: Yes, you can use DTDC Forbesganj to send packages abroad. They offer courier services that are reliable and safe for both domestic and foreign deliveries.

4. What are the different ways of sending that DTDC Forbesganj offers?

Answer: To meet the needs of different customers, DTDC Forbesganj offers different shipping choices, such as express delivery, standard delivery, same-day delivery, and bulk shipment services.

5. How do I figure out how much it will cost to ship my package?

Answer: To find out how much it will cost to ship your package, you can either go to the DTDC store closest to you or use the online rate calculator on their website.

6. Can I get insurance for my valuable things while they are in transit?

Answer: Yes, DTDC Forbesganj insures valuable things while they are in transit. You can choose to pay extra for insurance to protect yourself against loss or damage.

7. Can I tell DTDC Forbesganj to pick me up from where I am?

Answer: Yes, of course! DTDC Forbesganj makes it easy for you by picking you up where you are. Just call their customer service or make an online reservation for a pickup.

8. What should I do if my package gets lost or broken while it’s being shipped?

Answer: If your package gets lost or damaged in transit, you should tell the nearest DTDC office right away and give them your tracking information so they can start an investigation and take the right steps to fix the problem quickly.

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