10 Best Cake Shops in Forbesganj: Reviews and Recommendations

All cake lovers in Forbesganj, please come! If you need more delicious desserts and are always looking for the right piece of heaven, this article was written just for you.

Cake Shops in Forbesganj

We’ve looked in every nook and cranny of this charming town to find the 10 best cake shops that are sure to make your mouth water. From the delicious treats at Dilip Bakery The Cake Point to the hard-to-resist ones at Deepak Bakery, get ready for a sweet tour of Forbesganj’s best sweets.

Forbesganj Cake Shop: List

Here is a list of selected cake shops in Forbesganj, each with a brief introduction:

1. Deepak Bakery

  • Rating: 4.3 (21 reviews)
  • Overview: Deepak Bakery is a popular bakery and cake shop in Forbesganj. They offer services like drive-through and delivery.
  • Address: 77X9+GR2, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 095045 09920

2. Dilip Bakery “The Cake Point”

  • Rating: 4.9 (103 reviews)
  • Overview: Dilip Bakery, also known as “The Cake Point,” is a renowned cake shop in Forbesganj. They offer drive-through and delivery services.
  • Address: Shiv Mandir Road, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 082718 37344

3. Forbesganj Cake & Gift

  • Rating: 4.9 (270 reviews)
  • Overview: Forbesganj Cake & Gift is a cake shop known for its no-contact delivery service. They have a wide range of cakes and gifts.
  • Address: Forbesganj Sadar Rd, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 099312 23448

4. Cake Palace

  • Rating: 4.8 (33 reviews)
  • Overview: Cake Palace, located at Station Chowk in Forbesganj, offers both drive-through and delivery services. They have a variety of cakes.
  • Address: Station Chowk, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318

5. Jyoti Bakery

  • Rating: 4.1 (43 reviews)
  • Overview: yoti Bakery is a bakery and cake shop situated on the Hotel Jyoti Campus. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options.
  • Address: Hotel Jyoti Campus, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 097321 03536

6. Forbesganj Cake & Gift House 

  • Rating: 4.7 (15 reviews)
  • Overview: Forbesganj Cake & Gift House is known for its no-contact delivery service. They are located on R N Dutta Rd.
  • Address: R N Dutta Rd, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318

7. Boby Bakery

  • Rating: 4.7 (6 reviews)
  • Overview: Boby Bakery is a wholesale bakery operating 24 hours a day. They provide bakery products in Forbesganj.
  • Address: J N 21 Pokharbasti Ward Number 15, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 080022 16363

8. Satyam bakery

  • Rating: 4.4 (67 reviews)
  • Overview: Satyam Bakery is a bakery and cake shop on Forbesganj Sadar Rd. They offer dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery options.
  • Address: 77V7+FRV, Forbesganj Sadar Rd, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318

8. Bismillah Bakery

  • Overview: Bismillah Bakery offers in-store shopping and delivery options. They are located on Forbesganj Sadar Rd.
  • Address: Forbesganj Sadar Rd, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 074849 69358

9. Icecream And Cake Parlour

  • Rating: 3.8 (29 reviews)
  • Overview: Icecream And Cake Parlour is an ice cream shop offering drive-through and delivery services in Matiari, Forbesganj.
  • Address: 8746+683, Forbesganj Sadar Rd, Matiari, Bihar 854318
  • Phone: 094716 76984

10. Sachiya Hub

  • Rating: 5.0 (60 reviews)
  • Overview: Sachiya Hub is a bakery and cake shop located on S K Rd. They offer drive-through and delivery services.
  • Address: S K Rd, Forbesganj, Bihar 854318

Please note that the ratings and reviews are based on customer feedback and may vary over time.

Cake Variety and Flavors In Forbesganj 

Here’s an overview of the diverse cake variety and flavours offered by the selected cake shops in Forbesganj:

Deepak Bakery:

  • Deepak Bakery offers a wide variety of cakes, including classic flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch.
  • They provide customized cake designs for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • You have the option of selecting a cake in the size that best fits your requirements, ranging from tiny to enormous.

Dilip Bakery “The cake point”:

  • Dilip Bakery is known for its rich and creamy cakes, available in flavours like black forest, pineapple, and red velvet.
  • They offer beautifully designed theme cakes for kids’ birthdays and other celebrations.
  • Customers can order both regular-sized and eggless cakes.

Forbesganj Cake  & Gift :

  • Forbesganj Cake  & Gift offers an extensive range of cakes in flavours like strawberry, mango, and blueberry.
  • They specialize in creating customized designer cakes with unique decorations.
  • You can order cakes in various shapes and sizes, including tiered cakes for weddings.

Cake Palace:

  • Cake Palace provides a delectable selection of cakes in flavours, such as butterscotch, fruit cake, and coffee mocha.
  • They provide eggless cake options in addition to themed cake options for special events such as baby showers and graduations.
  • Cake Palace is known for its special photo cakes, where you can have your favourite image printed on the cake.

Jyoti Bakery:

  • Jyoti Bakery offers a mix of traditional and contemporary flavours, including chocolate truffle, caramel, and pistachio.
  • They provide designer cakes with intricate fondant decorations and edible prints.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of cake sizes and even request personalized messages on their cakes.

Forbesganj Cake & Gift House 

  • Forbesganj Cake & Gift House offers an array of classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
  • They specialize in eggless cakes and have a collection of heart-shaped and square cakes.
  • You can find cakes suitable for both small gatherings and large parties.

Boby Bakery:

  • Boby Bakery, as a wholesale bakery, provides a range of freshly baked breads, buns, and cakes.
  • They offer simple yet delicious cakes like sponge cakes and tea cakes.
  • Boby Bakery is known for its affordability and the availability of bakery products around the clock.

Satyam bakery:

  • Satyam Bakery presents an assortment of cakes with flavours such as pineapple, coconut, and orange.
  • They have special cakes for festivals and occasions, featuring unique regional flavours.
  • You have a choice of numerous sizes, each of which can accommodate a different number of people.

Bismillah Bakery:

  • Bismillah Bakery offers classic cakes with flavours like chocolate and pineapple.
  • They have a range of pastries and cream rolls that complement their cake selection.
  • Customers can visit the bakery for a quick dessert fix.

Icecream And Cake Parlour:

  • Icecream And Cake Parlour focuses on ice cream cakes with flavours like chocolate chip and cookies ‘n’ cream.
  • They offer ice cream sundaes and shakes along with cakes.
  • Customers can enjoy a combination of ice cream and cake desserts.

Sachiya Hub:

  • Sachiya Hub provides cakes in flavours such as mango, strawberry, and blueberry.
  • They offer elegant and customized designs for wedding cakes and special occasions.
  • You can choose from various cake sizes to meet your event requirements.

Please note that the availability of specific flavours, designs, and sizes may vary based on the shop’s current offerings and customer requests. Contact the respective cake shops directly for the most up-to-date information and to discuss any special requests or creations you may have in mind.

Quality and Freshness In Forbesganj

The quality and freshness of ingredients used in cake preparation play a crucial role in ensuring a delightful cake-eating experience. Let’s assess the quality and freshness offered by the selected cake shops in Forbesganj:

Deepak Bakery:

  • Deepak Bakery is known for using high-quality ingredients to prepare their cakes.
  • Customers often praise the freshness and taste of their cakes, with a focus on maintaining consistent quality.

Dilip Bakery “The cake point”:

  • Dilip Bakery is committed to using fresh and premium ingredients in their cake recipes.
  • Their cakes are highly regarded for their rich flavours and moist texture, ensuring a delectable treat.

Forbesganj Cake & Gift:

  • Forbesganj Cake & Gift prioritizes using fresh and top-quality ingredients in cake production.
  • Customers appreciate the delightful taste and quality of their cakes, making them a popular choice for celebrations.

Cake Palace:

  • Cake Palace is dedicated to maintaining the freshness of its ingredients.
  • Their cakes are praised for their excellent taste and texture, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Jyoti Bakery:

  • Jyoti Bakery sources fresh ingredients to craft their cakes.
  • Customers often commend the quality and deliciousness of their cakes, highlighting their commitment to excellence.

Forbesganj Cake & Gift House

  • Forbesganj Cake & Gift House emphasizes using the best ingredients for cake preparation.
  • Customers enjoy the freshness and delightful flavours of their cakes, reflecting their dedication to quality.

Boby Bakery:

  • Boby Bakery, as a wholesale bakery, ensures the quality of its baked goods.
  • While they focus on affordability, they maintain a certain standard of freshness and taste in their products.

Satyam bakery:

  • Satyam Bakery strives to use fresh and regional ingredients, adding unique flavours to their cakes.
  • Customers appreciate the quality and regional touch in their cake offerings.

Bismillah Bakery:

  • Bismillah Bakery uses quality ingredients for their cakes.
  • Their cakes are well-received for their taste, demonstrating their commitment to providing good-quality products.

Icecream And Cake Parlour:

  • Icecream And Cake Parlour combines the goodness of ice cream with cakes.
  • Their ice cream cakes are appreciated for their freshness and delightful taste, offering a unique dessert experience.

Sachiya Hub:

  • Sachiya Hub maintains the freshness of ingredients for their cakes.
  • Customers enjoy the flavours and design quality of their cakes, showcasing their commitment to providing top-notch products.

In summary, the selected cake shops in Forbesganj prioritize the use of high-quality and fresh ingredients in their cake preparation. Customers often commend the taste, texture, and consistency of their cakes, highlighting the shops’ dedication to delivering top-quality products. The commitment to quality and freshness contributes to the overall satisfaction of cake enthusiasts in Forbesganj.

Customization and Special Orders:

Deepak Bakery: Deepak Bakery is known for accommodating custom cake orders. They can create personalized cakes based on customers’ preferences, including design and flavours.

Dilip Bakery “The cake point”: Dilip Bakery welcomes custom cake orders and can craft unique designs to suit special occasions. They specialize in making personalized cakes tailored to customers’ requests.

Forbesganj Cake & Gift: Forbesganj Cake & Gift takes pride in fulfilling special cake requests. They can create customized cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations, ensuring a personalized touch.

Cake Palace: Cake Palace offers customization options for customers. They can create personalized cakes with specific themes, flavours, and designs, making them perfect for special occasions.

Jyoti Bakery: Jyoti Bakery caters to custom cake orders, allowing customers to choose their preferred design and flavours. They can create cakes tailored to specific celebrations.

Forbesganj Cake & Gift House: Forbesganj Cake & Gift House specializes in personalized cake creations. They can craft unique designs and flavours based on customers’ requests.

Boby Bakery: Boby Bakery, as a wholesale bakery, primarily focuses on standard products but can consider custom orders for bulk requirements.

Satyam Bakery: Satyam Bakery is open to custom cake orders and can prepare cakes with specific designs and flavours to meet customers’ preferences.

Bismillah Bakery: Bismillah Bakery is willing to cater to custom cake orders, allowing customers to personalize their cakes for special occasions.

Icecream And Cake Parlour: Icecream And Cake Parlour offers customized ice cream cakes, combining the goodness of ice cream with personalized designs for special celebrations.

Sachiya Hub: Sachiya Hub welcomes custom cake orders and can create cakes with unique designs and flavours tailored to customers’ needs.

Delivery and Ordering Process:

The ordering process for cakes from these shops typically involves visiting the bakery in person and placing an order. However, some may offer online ordering options through websites or delivery apps, making it convenient for customers to place orders from the comfort of their homes.

Please note that the availability of online ordering and delivery services may vary among the mentioned bakeries. Customers are strongly recommended to check with the specific bakeries in question regarding the ordering and delivery procedures before placing their orders.

Dietary Preferences and Allergen Information:

While most of the mentioned bakeries focus on traditional cake offerings, customers with specific dietary preferences, such as eggless, vegan, or gluten-free cakes, may need to inquire directly with the bakeries for availability. These dietary preferences may not be standard offerings but could be accommodated upon request.

Celebration Ideas with Forbesganj Cakes:

  • Birthdays: Celebrate birthdays with personalized cakes from these bakeries featuring the birthday person’s favourite flavours and themes.
  • Weddings: Order elegant wedding cakes that match the wedding theme and colour scheme, adding a sweet touch to the celebration.
  • Anniversaries: Surprise your loved one with a customized anniversary cake, complete with romantic designs and flavours.
  • Graduations: Celebrate academic achievements with graduation cakes designed to represent the graduate’s journey.
  • Festivals: Enjoy festivals with special cakes that capture the spirit of the occasion, such as Diwali or Christmas-themed cakes.
  • Corporate Events: Impress clients and colleagues at corporate events with logo-branded or themed cakes.
  • Family Get-Togethers: Make family gatherings memorable with cakes that celebrate togetherness.

These bakeries offer a range of options to enhance various celebrations, ensuring that every occasion is made sweeter with a delectable cake.

Conclusion Points

In the end, Forbesganj has many cake shops for all kinds of cake fans. These ten cake shops have what you need, whether you want a traditional birthday cake or a special cake with a unique design. Each shop has something different and wonderful to offer, from the tasty and mouth-watering cakes at Dilip Bakery The Cake Point to the creative and beautiful designs at Deepak Bakery.

With good reviews and suggestions from happy customers, you can be sure that these cake places will go above and beyond what you expect. So, the next time you want something sweet or need a cake for an event, go to one of Forbesganj’s best cake shops and try one of their delicious treats.


1. What does Dilip Bakery The Cake Point do best?

Dilip Bakery The Cake Point is known for its wide range of tasty and creative cakes, including ones that are made to order for special events.

2. Does Deepak Bakery have cakes that don’t have eggs?

Yes, Deepak Bakery has a wide range of eggless cakes to meet the needs of people with different diets.

3. Can I order a cake with a pattern that is unique to me from Dilip Bakery?

Yes, for sure! Dilip Bakery is proud to make unique cakes based on what you want and what you need. Just tell them what you want, and they’ll make your idea come to life.

4. Does Deepak Bakery have any cakes that don’t have gluten?

Yes, Deepak Bakery knows how important it is to accommodate different dietary needs and offers gluten-free cake choices for people who can’t eat gluten or have allergies to it.

5. How can I read reviews of the 10 Best Cake Shops in Forbesganj?

On our website, you can read about the 10 best cake shops in Forbesganj and find out what people think of them. Just go to the page for it and look through the customer stories and comments.

6. Can I buy from Dilip Bakery The Cake Point online?

Yes, you can order from Dilip Bakery The Cake Point quickly and easily through their website or app. This makes it easy for you to choose the cake you want and have it sent right to your door.

7. Does Deepak Bakery deliver on the same day?

Yes, Deepak Bakery knows that sometimes you need a cake at the last minute, so they bring cakes within Forbesganj the same day so you can take advantage of a special occasion.

8. How can I find out what other people think about these cake shops?

People share their thoughts and experiences about their favourite bakeries in Forbesganj in the review part of our website. This is where you can find out what other customers think about these cake shops.

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