Araria District: Block List, DM, SP, Court, Weather & News

Araria district, located in Bihar, India, is rich in culture and history. With its administrative headquarters in Araria town, the district is divided into several blocks that play a crucial role in local governance and development.

Araria District

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Araria District, including its block list, District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of Police (SP), and provide updates on court proceedings, weather conditions, and the latest news from the region. 

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this vibrant district and uncover the diverse facets that shape its identity.

About Araria District 

Araria district, located in Bihar, India, is a part of the Purnea division. The district covers an area of 2830 sq km and centres around the administrative headquarters, Araria town. 

Area 1830 sq km
Population 28,11,569
Sub Division 2
Literacy Rate 53.53%
Blocks 9
No. of Anchal 9
Villages 751
Municipality 3
Police Stations/Outposts 16/10
Languages Hindi, Urdu, Kulhaiya
Hospitals 11
Colleges/Universities 11
Banks 11
Municipalities 3
No. of Jila Parishad 1
No. of Nagar Parishad 2
No. of Nagar Panchayat 1
No. of Mauza 751
Pincode  854311

It boasts a stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga, a prominent peak of the Himalayan range.

The name “Araria” has an interesting origin. During the British era, the area where Mr Forbes’s bungalow was situated was known as the “Residential Area” or R. Area, which later evolved into the pronunciation “araria.”

Historically, the region was a part of the Purnea district until 1964, when it became the Araria sub-division. The district of Araria was officially formed in January 1990 as one of Bihar’s administrative districts under the Purnea division.

Geographically, Araria district is traversed by major rivers like Kosi, Suwara, Kali, Parmar, and Koli.

The economy of Araria primarily relies on agriculture, with key agricultural products being paddy, maize, and jute.

According to the 2011 census, Araria district had a population of 28,11,569, with a population density of 993 inhabitants per square kilometre. 

The district witnessed a population growth rate of 30% between 2001 and 2011. The sex ratio in Araria stands at 921 females for every 1000 males, and the literacy rate is 53.53%.

Araria District Block List 2023 

The district is divided into two sub-divisions, Araria and Forbesganj, comprising nine blocks. 

# Block Population Literacy Sex Ratio
1 Araria 465,529 42.5% 919
2 Bhargama 230,835 40.5% 916
3 Forbesganj 486,120 45% 918
4 Jokihat 322,192 41.3% 919
5 Kursakatta 149,231 45.7% 913
6 Narpatganj 351,773 43.1% 918
7 Palasi 248,369 41.8% 928
8 Raniganj 398,977 39.2% 927
9 Sikti 158,543 45.5% 942

Araria sub-division includes six blocks: Araria, Jokihat, Kursakanta, Raniganj, Sikti, and Palasi, while the Forbesganj sub-division consists of three blocks: Forbesganj, Narpatganj, and Bhargama. 

Araria District Vidhan Sabha List 2023

Araria district is further represented by six Vidhan Sabha constituencies: Narpatganj, Raniganj(SC), Forbesganj, Araria, Jokihat, and Sikti, all of which fall under the Araria Lok Sabha constituency.

Serial No. Vidhan Sabha Name Population 2011
46 Narpatganj 496,112
47 Raniganj (SC) 482,592
48 Forbesganj 486,114
49 Araria 462,379
50 Jokihat 443,958
51 Sikti 435,045

Araria DM 2023 & List 

The administration of Araria district has witnessed a succession of District Magistrates (DMs) since its inception. 

The first DM to serve in the district was Shri A.K. Chauhan. Over the years, several DMs have contributed their services to the district’s development and welfare.

Currently, Smt. Inayat Khan holds the position of District Magistrate, leading the administration and overseeing various government functions in Araria. 

Serial No. Name From To
1 Shri A.K. Chauhan (IAS) 14-01-1990 11-06-1990
2 Shri B.B. Biswas (IAS) 12-06-1990 29-01-1991
3 Shri A.K. Sinha (IAS) 29-01-1991 04-11-1991
4 Shri P.N. Singh (IAS) 05-11-1991 08-04-1992
5 Shri Thakur Shyamanand (BAS) 09-04-1992 20-04-1992
6 Shri S.K. Singh (IAS) 21-04-1992 05-02-1993
7 Shri Ravikant (IAS) 06-02-1993 03-06-1994
8 Shri Bimbadhar Pradhan (IAS) 04-06-1994 12-08-1996
9 Shri M.D. Mishra (IAS) 13-08-1996 19-01-1998
10 Shri J. Monahan (IAS) 20-01-1998 20-12-1999
11 Shri G.S. Prasad (IAS) 21-12-1999 12-06-2000
12 Shri Shyamji Sahay (IAS) 12-06-2000 05-02-2002
13 Shri Manikant Azad (IAS) 05-02-2002 11-10-2002
14 Shri Bimbadhar Pradhan (IAS) 11-10-2002 14-01-2004
15 Shri A.N. Singh (IAS) 14-01-2004 18-04-2005
16 Shri B.N. Dwivedi (IAS) 18-04-2005 03-07-2006
17 Shri G.D. Das (BAS) 03-07-2006 09-07-2006
18 Shri U.K. Roy (IAS) 10-07-2006 17-03-2008
19 Shri Indra Sen Singh (IAS) 17-03-2008 28-09-2008
20 Dr. Anjani Kumar Verma (IAS) 28-09-2008 30-07-2009
21 Md. Qaiser Ali (BAS) 30-07-2009 05-08-2009
22 Shri M. Saravanan (IAS) 05-08-2009 14-01-2013
23 Shri Chittaranjan Singh (IAS) 14-01-2013 24-11-2013
24 Shri Ajay Kumar Chaudhary (IAS) 24-11-2013 10-06-2014
25 Shri Narendra Kumar Singh (IAS) 10-06-2014 04-08-2015
26 Shri Himanshu Sharma (IAS) 04-08-2015 02-02-2019
27 Shri Baidyanath Yadav (IAS) 02-02-2019 19-02-2020
28 Shri Prashanth Kumar C.H. (IAS) 20-02-2020 09-05-2022
29 Smt. Inayat Khan (IAS) 09-05-2022 Continue

As the current DM, she plays a crucial role in addressing the district’s challenges, implementing developmental initiatives, and ensuring the overall well-being of its residents.

Araria SP 2023 & List

Since its establishment, Araria district has seen a series of Superintendents of Police (SPs) responsible for maintaining law and order in the region. Shri V.H. Deshmukh was the first SP to serve in the district, overseeing police operations and safety.

Currently, Shri Ashok Kumar Singh holds the position of the Superintendent of Police in Araria. As the current SP, he leads the police force, ensuring public safety, investigating crimes, and maintaining peace and harmony in the district.

The journey from the first SP, Shri V.H. Deshmukh, to the current SP, Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, represents the continuity of dedicated and committed officers serving the community. 

Serial No. Name (IPS) From To
1 Shri V.H. Deshmukh (IPS) 17-10-1990 24-03-1991
2 Shri Md. Nasim Ahmed (IPS) 23-03-1991 30-04-1992
3 Shri A.K. Upadhaya (IPS) 21-05-1992 09-02-1993
4 Shri R.Prasad (IPS) 09-02-1993 23-06-1995
5 Shri K.N. Chaubey (IPS) 23-06-1995 31-12-1996
6 Shri S.K. Jha (IPS) 01-01-1997 21-05-1997
7 Shri J.L. Choudhary (IPS) 22-05-1997 25-08-1998
8 Shri Jitendra Kumar (IPS) 27-08-1998 29-04-1999
9 Shri H.N. Deva (IPS) 05-05-1999 10-06-2000
10 Shri Prashant Singh (IPS) 10-06-2000 24-11-2000
11 Shri Arvind Kumar (IPS) 27-11-2000 10-10-2002
12 Shri Amrendra Kumar Singh (IPS) 10-10-2002 05-04-2004
13 Shri S.K. Jha (IPS) 05-04-2004 07-06-2004
14 Shri Amrendra Kumar Singh (IPS) 08-06-2004 11-12-2004
15 Shri Vimlesh Prasad Sinha (IPS) 11-12-2004 20-12-2005
16 Shri Paras Nath (IPS) 27-12-2005 01-07-2006
17 Shri Vinod Kumar (IPS) 01-07-2006 31-03-2008
18 Shri Md. Ali Siddiqui (IPS) 31-03-2008 20-12-2008
19 Shri Awadhesh Kumar Sharma (IPS) 21-12-2008 28-07-2009
20 Shri Uma Shanker Sudhanshu (IPS) 28-07-2009 08-07-2010
21 Shri Binod Kumar (IPS) 09-07-2010 15-02-2011
22 M. Garima Malik (IPS) 15-02-2011 24-11-2011
23 Shri Shiivdeep W. Lande (IPS) 24-11-2011 03-09-2012
24 Shri Ranjit Kumar Mishra (IPS) 05-09-2012 11-10-2012
25 Shri Manoj Kumar (IPS) 15-10-2012 25-12-2012
26 Shri Shiivdeep W. Lande (IPS) 25-12-2012 01-04-2013
27 Shri Md. Akhtar Hussain (IPS) 01-04-2013 24-11-2013
28 Shri Vijay Kumar Verma (IPS) 24-11-2013 03-08-2015
29 Shri Sudhir Kumar Porika (IPS) 03-08-2015 31-07-2017
30 Dhurat Sayali Sawalaram (IPS) 31-07-2017 20-08-2020
31 Shri Hriday Kant (IPS) 20-08-2020 31-12-2021
32 Shri Ashok Kumar Singh (IPS) 01-01-2022 Continue

Throughout the years, these SPs have played a crucial role in safeguarding the district and upholding the rule of law, contributing significantly to the well-being of the people of Araria.

Banks In Araria

Banking in Araria plays a pivotal role in the town’s economic development and financial well-being. With a diverse range of banking institutions, residents and businesses in Araria have access to a comprehensive suite of financial services and products.

Name Address Phone
Axis Bank 1st Floor Assam Timber, ADB Chowk. Beside Union Bank, Araria, Bus Stand Road, Bihar State Highway 76, PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311 06453-224820
Bank of Baroda Chandani Chowk, Zero Mile Road, PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311
Bank Of India, Araria 1st floor, Praveen Market, At Bus Stand Road, State Highway 76, PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311
Canara Bank Bhojpur Market, Bus Stand Road, Near ADB Chowk, Araria, Bihar 854311 06453-224746
Corporation Bank C/O – Mr. Gopal Khorania, 102, Bhagat Singh Rd, PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311 06453-223309
ICICI Bank Araria – Branch Rahika Tola, Mahavir Nagar Road, Marwari Patti, Araria, Bihar 854311
Indian Bank Islam Nagar, Kharahiya Basti, Araria, Bihar 854311
Punjab National Bank Rahika Tola, PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311 18001802222
State Bank of India Kali Mandir Road, Islam Nagar, Araria, Bihar 854311 1800112211
State Bank of India – Agriculture Development Branch PHED Colony, Araria, Bihar 854311 06453-222336

Prominent national and private banks have established branches in Araria, providing services like savings and current accounts, loans, credit facilities, investments, and more. These banks cater to the population’s diverse needs, from personal banking requirements to corporate financial solutions.

Banking services in Araria have contributed to financial inclusion, empowering individuals to save, invest, and manage their finances effectively. The availability of ATMs and digital banking services ensures convenient and efficient transactions for the residents.

Moreover, the presence of these banks fosters economic growth by supporting businesses with credit facilities and trade finance, thus driving entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities.

Overall, banking in Araria significantly fosters financial stability, growth, and prosperity for the town and its inhabitants, paving the way for a brighter economic future.

List of Araria Police Stations and Outposts: A Brief Overview

Araria district in Bihar, India, has several police stations and outposts crucial in maintaining law and order in the region. 

These establishments serve as the first line of defence and support for the community, ensuring the safety and security of its residents. Let’s take a closer look at some of the important police stations and outposts in Araria:

  1.  Tarabari Police Station: Located in the Tarabari area, this police station serves as a central hub for law enforcement in the region.
  2.  Jokihat Police Station: Situated in Jokihat, this police station is vital in handling law and order issues specific to the area.
  3.  Palasi Police Station: Responsible for maintaining peace in Palasi, this police station addresses local safety concerns.
  4.  Sikti Police Station: Sikti Police Station serves the Sikti locality, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.
  5.  Bardaha Police Station: The Bardaha area relies on this police station for quick response and assistance during emergencies.
  6.  Forbesganj Police Station: As a significant locality, Forbesganj Police Station takes charge of safety measures and crime prevention.
  7.  Jogbani Police Station: Located in Jogbani, this police station plays a crucial role in cross-border security and maintaining order.
  8.  Kursakanta Police Station: This police station serves the community in Kursakanta, safeguarding against criminal activities.
  9.  Raniganj Police Station: Handling law and order in Raniganj, this police station ensures the area remains secure and peaceful.
  10.  Baunsi Police Station: Baunsi relies on this police station for safety measures and quick responses to incidents.
  11.  Bhargama Police Station: Located in Bhargama, this police station caters to the safety and security needs of the area.
  12.  Narpatganj Police Station: Narpatganj Police Station maintains law and order in this locality.
  13.  Phulkaha Police Station: This police station serves the community in Phulkaha, ensuring their safety.

Additionally, the Araria district also has specialized police establishments:

– SC/ST Police Station: Dedicated to handling issues related to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, ensuring their rights and safety.

– Women Police Station: Focused on addressing women’s safety and handling gender-related crimes.

Apart from the police stations, several outposts (OPs) support law enforcement in remote and critical areas:

  • Madanpur OP
  • Bairgachi OP
  • Araria RS OP
  • Mahalgaon OP
  • Simraha OP
  • Ghurna OP
  • Sonamani Gundam OP
  • Kuari OP
  • Basmatiya OP
  • Bathnaha OP.

These outposts act as an extension of the police stations, strengthening the overall security infrastructure in the Araria district. They provide valuable support in handling local issues promptly and efficiently.

A well-organized network of police stations and outposts in the Araria district is essential for maintaining peace and security. These establishments work tirelessly to ensure the community’s safety and protection, fostering a sense of confidence and trust among the residents.

Araria District Court: Empowering Justice and Citizen Services

Araria District Court stands as a cornerstone of the judicial system in the region, playing a vital role in upholding justice and providing essential citizen services. 

With its dedicated eSeva Kendras and efficient administrative practices, the court ensures seamless and accessible legal services to the people of Araria.

The court’s commitment to embracing technology is evident through its official email ID,, facilitating prompt communication and inquiries for citizens and legal practitioners alike.

 Additionally, the provision of a phone No. (06453-222067) reflects the court’s efforts to maintain open communication channels for efficient administrative processes.

To enhance awareness and transparency, the Araria District Court has launched its YouTube channel, aptly named “DLSA ARARIA.” 

Through this platform, the court disseminates vital legal information, conducts awareness campaigns, and educates the public on their rights and responsibilities. 

This proactive approach empowers the community and promotes legal literacy and civic engagement.

The eSeva Kendras set up by the Araria District Court is instrumental in providing citizens with a one-stop solution for various legal services and inquiries. 

From documentation assistance to case updates, these centres streamline the process and enhance convenience for the people seeking justice.

With its commitment to ensuring access to justice for all, the Araria District Court is a beacon of hope, fostering a fair and just society. 

By leveraging technology and embracing transparency, the court continues to empower citizens and create a legal system that serves the community’s best interests.

The Araria District Court’s relentless efforts to modernize and serve the public are commendable. 

By leveraging technology, maintaining open communication channels, and focusing on public awareness, the court sets a precedent for efficient and citizen-centric legal services, upholding the principles of justice and equality in Araria.

Araria District Weather & Climate: Embracing the Dynamic Nature of Humid Subtropical Conditions

Nestled in the eastern part of Bihar, India, Araria District is a region that boasts a humid subtropical climate with diverse weather patterns throughout the year. 

This district experiences four distinct seasons, each with unique charm and challenges. 

The summers in Araria are scorching hot, with average temperatures soaring as high as 47°C (116°F). These sweltering months make it essential for residents and visitors to take precautions to beat the heat.

On the other end of the spectrum, winters in Araria offer relief from the blistering summer heat. With an average temperature dropping significantly during this period, ranging between 5-10°C (41-50°F), locals embrace cosy sweaters and blankets.

Araria District News: Stay Updated with the Latest Happenings in Bihar’s Araria District

If you are a resident of Araria district in Bihar or are interested in staying informed about the region, look no further than Dainik Jagran Bihar and Hindustan newspaper. 

These reliable sources provide comprehensive coverage of Araria district news, ensuring you never miss important updates.

From political developments to social issues, Dainik Jagran Bihar and Hindustan newspapers deliver timely and accurate information straight to your doorstep. 

Whether it is a new infrastructure project that promises to improve the lives of locals or a significant event in the district, these newspapers keep you well-informed about all aspects of life in Araria.

In addition to news articles, these publications offer insightful features and opinion pieces that delve deeper into various topics affecting the district.

Conclusion Points 

In conclusion, Araria district is a vibrant and bustling region in Bihar, India. Boasting a diverse population and an opulent cultural heritage, Araria offers an unparalleled experience for both locals and visitors. The district administration, under the steadfast guidance of the dedicated District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, is resolutely committed to safeguarding the security and welfare of its inhabitants.

The local court system ensures justice is served and disputes are resolved fairly. Furthermore, staying updated with the latest weather conditions and news is crucial for anyone visiting or residing in Araria. 

So, whether you are planning a trip or considering settling down in this district, stay informed about its blocks, administrative authorities, weather forecasts, and current affairs.


Question – How Many Tehsils are in the Araria District?

Answer: The total number of Tehsils in the Araria district is nine, which is the following for you:

  1. Araria
  2. Jokihat
  3. Kursakanta
  4. Raniganj
  5. Sikti
  6. Palasi
  7. Forbesganj
  8. Narpatganj
  9. Bhargava.

Question – How Many Sub-Disins Divisions are in the Araria District?

Answer: The total number of Sub Division in Araria district is two, which is the following for you:

  1. Araria 
  2. Forbesganj.

Question – How Many Blocks are in the Araria District?

Answer: The total number of Block in Araria district is nine, which is the following for you:

  1. Araria
  2. Jokihat
  3. Kursakanta
  4. Raniganj
  5. Sikti
  6. Palasi
  7. Forbesganj
  8. Narpatganj
  9. Bhargava.

Question – When was the Araria District formed?

Answer: On January 14, 1990, Araria district was separated from Purnia and became a new district. Araria Foundation Day is celebrated every year on January 14.

Question – What is the total area of the Araria district?

Answer: The total area of Araria district is 2830 sq km.

Question – What is the population of the Araria district?

Answer: The population of Araria district is 28,11,569.

Question – How many panchayats are there in Araria district?

Answer: The total number of panchayats in the district is 218.

Question – How many villages are there in the Araria district?

Answer: The total number of villages in the district is 751.

Question – What is the Name block of Araria District?

Answer: The block of Araria District includes Forbesganj, Narpatganj, Raniganj, Sikti, Bhargama, Jokihat, Palasi, and Kursakanta.

Question – Where can I find information about the court in Araria District?

Answer: You can find information about the court in Araria District on the official website or by visiting the district courthouse.

Question – What is the weather like in Araria District?

Answer: Araria District experiences a sub-tropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. It is advisable to check a reliable weather forecast for accurate information.

Question – Can I get news updates on Araria District from this website?

Answer: Our website provides news updates related to events and developments in Araria District.

Question – How can I contact the administration office in Araria District?

Answer: You can contact the administration office in Araria District through their official phone number or email address on their website.

Question – Are there any tourist attractions in Araria District?

Answer: Araria has several tourist attractions, such as Mata Sthan Mandir, Mani Mandir, Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir, and various historical sites that attract visitors from all over India.

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